Free SIPP Administration Fees for Qualifying Investment (‘the Offer’)

Qualifying Investments

  1. The Offer will be available for new and existing Bricklane customers who make one or more investments with Bricklane through a “SIPP” (Self Invested Personal Pension) opened with Hartley Pensions Limited (“Hartley Pensions”), either directly, or with a financial adviser
  2. The minimum threshold for Qualifying Investments is £25,000 invested across any Bricklane REITs eligible for inclusion in a Hartley SIPP.
  3. Total Investments are calculated gross of any transaction fees paid, net of any withdrawals from Bricklane funds, and do not include movements in investment value subsequent to the investment.
  4. Total Investments must be greater than or equal to this minimum threshold for a SIPP investment to remain eligible for the Offer.
  5. Investments must be completed using funds that are new to the Bricklane platform.

Administration Fee Waiver

Qualifying Investments will be eligible for a fee waiver on the Hartley Pensions “Abacus SIPP” wrapper (including both setup and ongoing administrative fees while uncrystallised).

As at October 2017 the Abacus SIPP wrapper fees are £125+VAT for setup, and £175+VAT as an ongoing annual charge. When a SIPP is crystallised Bricklane will continue to pay £175+VAT annually toward the cost of SIPP administration. Full details of the fee schedule can be found at

Bricklane will make an equivalent monetary contribution to SIPP annual administration fees for any other Hartley Pensions SIPP wrapper (e.g. the Prosperity SIPP), subject to confirmation from the Bricklane support team.


  • Bricklane reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time.
  • Bricklane is the sole arbiter of these rules and any other issue arising under this promotion.
  • An invitation to participate in this offer does not provide assurance that you will be accepted as a customer of Bricklane.
  • Standard terms and investment terms relating to your use of Bricklane apply and are not affected in any way by this offer.

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Capital at risk

As with all investing, your capital is at risk. You may not be able to sell your investment within a reasonable timeframe. Investments are made through REITs. Rental yields and dividends may be lower than estimated.

You should note that tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each customer and may be subject to change in future. Bricklane does not give financial advice. If you are unsure about whether investment is right for you, you should seek independent advice before investing, including tax advice.