Verebank, Wimbledon Park

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Acquired Sep 2018
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
Value £525,000
Estimated monthly rent £1,900
Net rental yield 3.23%
Yield information

Verebank is a three-bed, two-bathroom apartment situated in a quiet residential estate just four minutes from Southfields tube station.

The apartment contains a separate study and was recently refurbished prior to purchase.

The 67-acre Wimbledon Park lies just across the road from Verebank lies right on the corner of the , providing ample green space as well as a wide range of leisure facilities including an athletics stadium, tennis courts, a bowls pavilion, beach volleyball court and an outdoor watersports centre.

Part of the London fund

Portfolio value £4m
Gross rental income per month £15,568*
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