Brindley House, Birmingham (25 apartments)

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Acquired Feb 2020
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2
Value £4,805,000
Monthly rent £20,195
Net rental yield 3.3%
Yield information

Located just 300 yards from St Paul’s Square, Brindley House is a 17 storey building under constructed in the 1970s as an office space.

The property was converted in 2008 to residential flats, of which there are 182 in total. We acquired 25 flats within the development to add to our existing 3, giving a total of 28 Brindley House flats held by the Regional Capitals fund.

The flats benefits from en-suites as well as family bathrooms, as well as open plan kitchens and modern bathroom suites.

Part of the Regional Capitals fund

Portfolio value £22.6m
Gross rental income per month £104,320 *
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