Is this

The Death of Buy to Let?

A report by Bricklane

You may well have seen many recent headlines about the ‘death of buy-to-let’ and landlords looking to exit the market. From changes to legislation, to rumours around the collapse of the buy-to-let market and the decline of mortgage lending, there are plenty of suggestions that being an individual landlord is going to get a lot harder.

The Death of Dinner Party Buy-to-Let

Is this the Death of Buy-to-Let?

Buy-to-let’s Not Dead Yet

It’s easy to see why this is such a hot topic. Investing in the UK property market has generated large amounts of wealth in recent years. It’s clear why there are now as many as 2.5 million landlords, invested in £1.4 trillion worth of buy-to-let assets. But, as the headlines suggest, lots of buy-to-let landlords are now considering their options due to tax and legislative changes.




Buy-to-let assets

What are the changes?

Increase in the stamp duty that landlords have to pay when they buy a property

Taxation of property income before mortgage costs are taken into account, rather than after

Increasing market buzz around tenant rights increasing, as many more are shut out of homeownership

This all means that some landlords are not buying further buy-to-let properties, and some are thinking of exiting the market entirely by selling their properties. Some, of course, are staying put, valuing returns from the property market over rocking the boat.

Bricklane is the tax-efficient alternative to buy-to-let

With more and more people evaluating whether buy-to-let makes sense for them, Bricklane offers people that are interested in the property market a tax-efficient and hassle-free way to earn returns from residential. We have designed our product to pass on the benefits of investing in property, while avoiding the hassle, inflexibility and tax-inefficiency of buy-to-let.

How Bricklane is different

Rental income and capital growth
Asset Exposure
Diversified across multiple properties, with choice over where to invest in UK
Invest/withdraw from just £100 with no maximum
No tax on property gains or income (ISA and SIPP accounts)
Property expertise and data-driven strategy
Traditional buy-to-let
Rental income and capital growth
Asset Exposure
Usually a small number of properties, concentrated across one area
Buy/sell individual properties
Tax on capital gains (up to 28%) and income (up to 45%)
Select the property yourself

The tax benefits are great, the company is backed by big names and has helpful staff, in short a great service that my wife and I have recommended several times”

Stewart is a buy-to-let landlord with a large portfolio, who now invests with Bricklane to earn hassle-free returns from property. He invests through ISA and standard accounts, and has a dedicated customer support representative who can answer any questions as and when they arise.

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