About Bricklane

Bricklane is a better way to earn returns from UK property

The best of property ownership

Residential property,
nothing else.

Our funds only contain residential properties. Investors’ returns actually reflect rent and property price changes, without the volatility of equities markets.

Choose the locations you invest in

Choose from two funds: Regional Capitals — including the cities of Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester — and London. The fund risk and reward profile varies with location, so we give customers the choice of which area to invest in.

Strong returns from both portfolios

Both funds have made strong returns for investors to date. The Regional Capitals fund returned a total of 18.4% since September 2016, while the newer London fund has returned 10.6% since July 2017.

Regional Capitals

18.4% Since Sep ’16

38% Rental income
62% Capital growth
Rent 38%
Capital growth 62%


10.6% Since Jul ’17

39% Rental income
61% Capital growth
Rent 39%
Capital growth 61%
Split of earnings are unaudited figures as of 25/04/19. Learn more about these figures.

Built for better returns

Make money tax-efficiently

A very tax-efficient way to invest in UK residential property. Through ISAs or SIPPs, combined with REIT status from HMRC, investors pay no tax on property gains or income.

Compound earnings, effortlessly

Opt to automatically reinvest rental earnings and your returns will compound, earning rental income on your rental income.

Benefit from our scale

Investors benefit from scale discounts we’ve negotiated with suppliers. All investments are automatically spread across the portfolio of properties in each fund invested in, and further properties as they are added. Risk is spread across different properties and areas.

Founded on property intelligence

Property selection powered by technology

Bricklane’s dedicated property team is supported by Compass, our proprietary data analytics platform, which informs investment strategy and property decisions.

Strategy informed by industry experts

Our experienced property advisory team shape our investment strategy. They have over 100 years of combined experience and have been responsible for tens of billions of pounds of property transactions.

  • Will Rowson, ex-Director European Fund Management at ING Real Estate
  • Paul Windsor, MD Crestbridge London, 25y+ Real Estate & Accountancy experience
  • Craig Hallam, Managed acquisition & sale of over £5bn UK residential property
  • Chris Strickland, ex-Chairman Peabody Group - London’s largest landlord

Independently valued

All our properties are valued independently on a monthly basis by Allsop LLP, a leading residential consultancy.

Renting that’s better for everyone

Renters should feel at home. Happy tenants stay longer, which works well for everyone. Tenancies are for three years as standard, but allow tenants to leave sooner if they wish to. We have also capped rent rises inside this period to inflation.

No fees. Fast responses.

Our tenants don’t pay admin fees, and didn’t before a government ban was proposed. In conjunction with our partner Touchstone, we make sure that our tenants are well looked after, and never wait more than 24 hours for a response.

Renting with Bricklane is the best experience I’ve had as a tenant”

I’ve been renting my property for almost a year, and feel very settled. I love living here, it’s relatively new build, and is in great condition. Bricklane don’t charge admin fees, which is a strong stance to take, and instantly got us off on the right foot.”

— Ben, Bricklane London tenant

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Contact us Capital at risk. Further details below.
Capital at risk

As with all investing, your capital is at risk. You may not be able to sell your investment within a reasonable timeframe. Investments are made through REITs. Rental yields and dividends may be lower than estimated.

You should note that tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each customer and may be subject to change in future. Bricklane does not give financial advice. If you are unsure about whether investment is right for you, you should seek independent advice before investing, including tax advice.